Sunday, May 25, 2008

Karnataka Elections

Hmmm!! It is such a relief to see a stable government in Karnataka, of course sans Mr.Son of the Soil or his overweight kids. I am personally relieved.
I am so glad the i was able to get a live coverage from IBN-live sitting here half the world across from Karnataka.Congratulations to BJP and Mr Yeddi. Being a very big fan of Sri.Vajapayeeji, i am actually happy that finally BJP made its huge cut. That also raises my personal expectation from the governement. Hopefully they do well for my state, my people.

Next thing is the exit polls issue. IBN and the respected Yogendra Yadav failed miserably in their prediction. A few people were really harsh on them. I certainly understand the gravity of such predictions given the instability in Karnataka prior to the elections, but after all its all about statistics. People who criticise do not realise how difficult it can be to model something as qualitative as an election.
Secondly the Rajdeep Sardesai was gracious enough to acknowledge that there was a mistake on their part. Yes always appreciate graceful losers!!!

Thirdly its about Ms Gauri Lankesh and Mr. Ramachandra Guha and their opinions that is actually being aired even as i write this piece.
Man !!! Gauri Lankesh says its a 'black day' for Karnataka, As if she is speaking for the whole of Kannadiga community; Well she should know that she is not the sole representative of the Kannadiga community.Besides what she thinks does not matter.In the first place i was just wondering why should a channel like IBN interview a person like Gauri Lankesh? What is her claim to fame? Being Lakesh's daughter?or as a person continuing his yellow journalistic legacy?
Personally i never likes Lankesh Patrike. I still view the journal as the harbinger of yellow journalism in Kannada circles. Kannadigas are supposed to be gentle and civilised folks, but journals like Lankesh Patrike and Hai Bengalure make me look back and check if at all Kannadigas have any signs of civility!!!!
Mr Ramachandra Guha is definitely more credible than Kavitha Lankesh, But for some strange reason Mr. Guha was championing the cause of the minorities. That was not convincing. There is a saying in Kannada if Mr.Guha understands Kannada, 'ollada gandange mosaralli kallu'..A husband who dislikes his wife finds stones even in yogurt....So leftist-academicians will have to pick one or the other flaws in this victory!
And Ms Lankesh is just trying to be a fashionable intellectual- the pseudo-types that are abound everywhere, just trying to portray themselves to be more intelligent than the general population.
Lets not give too much attention to such bujji- Buddi-Jeevis (intellectuals). Let rationalism prevail!!