Monday, July 16, 2007

Lotus eaters

Wonder how lotus eaters managed to live by doing nothing..At least with the internet things are different.. you can still manage to do nothing but stay away from getting bored. but they did not have internet right! Homer fell short of conceiving something as radical as internet. Poor homer. If there were to be internet in Illiad and Oddessy wonder what would have been the scene.. Probably penelope would have received a mail from ulysses that he has survived the war and that he will be reaching home soon! poor thing she had to sit on the loom for so long till he was back...
And may be Paris would have just indulged in love-chat with Helen and pissed off at her stupidity, only to abandon the idea of eloping with her. After all she was far too stupid to waste an entire lifetime.. when it comes to beauty though 'no comments'.. beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. I did rather like Clytemnestra! She was a gutsy women and probably good looking too.... My heart also goes out to cassandra.. poor thing. But never to Helen.. Her stupidity puts me off strongly.
With the internet cltemnestra would probably assign the contract of killing her husband to some undisclosed 'supari' killer!
But cassandra could not have done much with the internet. she was far ahead of internet with her ability to look into future which the current internet falls short of!
So much for Homer to digest!
cheers to the revolution called internet

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Cranky Aunts

Aunts can be a blessing in disguise but they can also be a deep pain in the butt... The one like mine.. In fact they come in assorted varieties is what make aunts really be-divined creatures. More over they wield all the power over my own personal mom!!! they can be nosey, they can be over zealous, but still be mom's closest friend. Thats what pisses me off. Here comes a strange lady and takes over my mom and my mom starts acting like crazy as if i had never known her.
Fathers i guess are better equipped to fight this phenomena called aunts. Never seen papa acting crazy when aunts are home.
There are superior breeds as are inferior breeds under the species called aunts. Those belonging to the superior breed confine themselves to minimal intervention into others affairs. Abolute non interference is something unheard of in their lexicon
I guess. Those inferior are absolutely into interference. That means superiority of species is inversely proportionate to interference.
Apart from the interference is the feigned innocence with which we are compared to cousins, neighbours, aunt's neighbours, someone who knows someone who is known to aunt and so on.
'Oh! your son is still in job band B.. i know somone who's someone is already in job band D' or say' my friends daughter made it to IIT, your daughter just made it to the local college' or what ever. Aunts will never run out of comparisions.
Another distinct feature of aunts is their ability to short the circuit. You would not even know if you were there and there will be stories on how you were seen with your male collegue at coffee day, Jayanagar, or say you would not even remeber about a particular episode and suddenly your mom is asking you what you said to someone on that particular day.. or that you have already said something you should not have. Ultimately everything falls on your shoulder and you have to pay for something that you never did. And moms are silly creatures they shed unrequited tears over some false stories circulated on purpose. Even when the whole world can smell a dead putrefying elephant, moms cant figure out the fishy aunt. I m generally bowled and out when my aunts create such situations. Unfortunately for me, they always end up winning. I feel like a puny puppy with tail between its hind legs.How can i survive these creatures. I wish i could. Where can i run when they are omnipotent and omni present? I wish my mom was not under their influence but under the influence of her own reason.
They are also hyper in what ever they do....hyper-love, hyper-control, hyper-complaints, hyper-interference of course hyper-emotions. and what not in the name of LOVE! I wonder if it were LOVE ever, all i can see is a 'god-mother' fairy in SHrek III like character personified. Oh! how i hate them. I wish there was a world where their influence was limited.
For now i need Hyper-energy to put my case in fornt of my mom in the latest round of confrontation between me and the -AUNT!
Wish me luck