Monday, July 16, 2007

Lotus eaters

Wonder how lotus eaters managed to live by doing nothing..At least with the internet things are different.. you can still manage to do nothing but stay away from getting bored. but they did not have internet right! Homer fell short of conceiving something as radical as internet. Poor homer. If there were to be internet in Illiad and Oddessy wonder what would have been the scene.. Probably penelope would have received a mail from ulysses that he has survived the war and that he will be reaching home soon! poor thing she had to sit on the loom for so long till he was back...
And may be Paris would have just indulged in love-chat with Helen and pissed off at her stupidity, only to abandon the idea of eloping with her. After all she was far too stupid to waste an entire lifetime.. when it comes to beauty though 'no comments'.. beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. I did rather like Clytemnestra! She was a gutsy women and probably good looking too.... My heart also goes out to cassandra.. poor thing. But never to Helen.. Her stupidity puts me off strongly.
With the internet cltemnestra would probably assign the contract of killing her husband to some undisclosed 'supari' killer!
But cassandra could not have done much with the internet. she was far ahead of internet with her ability to look into future which the current internet falls short of!
So much for Homer to digest!
cheers to the revolution called internet

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