Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mugaru male

I might be a late entrant to the Mungaru Male fan club.. nevertheless, i m bowled over by the music. Somehow being out of Bangalore on and off, i missed out on watching the movies. Surprisingly i also missed out on the music. Somehow i did listen to the music lately and i have become a big fan of the Mr.Mano Murthy's compositions... This morning alone i ended up listening to the album not less than a score of times! My ears started ringing with anisutide yako.. that i judged that i better stop the music and concentrate on my writing instead!
I had read about the controversy on Hindi singers singing Kannada songs. At one point of time i felt that they should not be entertained by the Kannada industry given the surfeit of talent Kannada industry boasts. After listening to Mungaru... i ate my thoughts. No one could have rendered the songs better those who have actually performed. My heart totally went out for Sonu and Udit of course Shreya. I am actually impressed that these singers though not native speakers of the language, they might not even understand even a word of what they are singing, but they have performed so well. The stress' the emotions of the lyrics are so well conveyed. They are true artists not bound by restrictions of language. In fact for that matter. These people have done a better job than Latha Mangeshkar. She had sung a Kannada song a long time back. It was from the movie "Kittur Rani Chennamma" the song was " Bellane Belagayitu". I have not come across a single soul who could understand the lyrics while listening to the song. It sounds more French and Latin than simple and close to heart Kannada. Rafi and Kishore have done much better. Rafi sung "Neenelli nadeve doora" and Kishore sung "Aadu ata adu". Also Salil Chaudhry composed a music for a few movies; of course composition has far lesser limitations created by language barrier.
coming back to Mungaru... I m eager to watch the movie. I only hope to find the movie in one of the theaters in Bangalore when i come home! If nothing i want to watch the visuals of the songs i have heard innumerable times this morning!

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