Friday, August 24, 2007

Stock markets

Looks like i have become a bit more regular with my blogs.. Looks like i am enjoying my own space and my time at my own disposal... enjoy the small interval of time and space you little bird...

All of a sudden i have started sleeping light.. i wake up many times at night, and its taking me so hard to fall asleep.. what is this! is age catching up with me! Lol.. never good for me.. it stretches my day by a great extent!

i don't understand these stock markets... for all my close to a decade training in economics... is am still perplexed at the way stock exchange reacts.. or more so how people with their money react. even when everything appears sound, some aberration in some part of the world triggers a fall.. and of course with my little investment here and there i loose money if i m to sell my shares..not that i did lose a great deal just that i dont want to loose even that. why should i? it my hard earned money ya!
Its sort of strange.. say you are travelling by and you are a doctor by profession, you try to strike up a conversation with you fellow passenger.. The moment they come to know that you area doctor, they start complaining about their back pain, nasal infection, falling hair, daughter's pimple, son's height..everything.. just in case you give them a free prescription.. same thing happens to me as well.. the moment i say i m studying economics.. the next thing i knw is being interviewed about stock markets. free advice and a potential windfall...sounds a profitable proposition right .. right.
I keep laughing to myself when i encounter such people.. me myself i m trying to figure our why t hings are like this in the stock market. It never goes by any theory in economics... It is just like dirt track.. you never know whats coming up. all you know is its not gonna be a smooth ride. And to be on the safer side i suggest people to invest in post office savings..national saving certificates... No one wants to go for it.. they just seem to laugh at it.. saying there no charm in those things anymore.. Hey give me a break if you want you money to get doubled in the a month, you should also be ready to loos you money in a day... that is the law of the world of not it?
Well that's what is happening... when there is rough times people panic, and in good times they binge! no rationality at all... an assumption in theory that we so often take for granted!

after all this i still hope the market improves! i dont want to loose money boooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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