Friday, August 17, 2007

Finding Nemo!

For me the movie 'finding nemo' is a part of my life these days... My four year niece calls me Nemo.. and the adult members of the family too have caught up with her... My defacto name is now Nemo!

That was a cute movie with a Young mischievous fish called Nemo getting lost and his over cautious father's journey to save the son. It was cute.

Now i m carrying the burden of having watched that movie and looks like its gonna stay with me for a while!

Imagine my niece calling me 'come here nemo' from across the hall at a busy shopping centre! I had to go through it far too many times.. and i have to address her as Mr.Ray... It is pretty embarrassing to be calling a four year old girl Mr.Ray.. people around will think i m nuts.

In fact she has memorised all the dialogues from the movie and keeps repeating it at opportune moments! and poor me i have to remember the right reply as in the movie.. if i go wrong, she is more than glad to correct me! 'nemo you r wrong, you have to have to say "faster Mr.Ray Faster"
All the embarrassments apart, it is fun to play with her... At my age i can only act out the liberty i enjoyed as a child. I wish to be a child so many a times but it is simply not the law of nature! So i make the most of acting a child with her. We play.. we make imaginary snow balls (at the peak of summers) and throw at each others.. we also make snow men too.... Last time she punched my snow ball in his belly and my poor snow man crumbled into a puddle.. all imaginary of course..Since she is Mr.Ray, the driver of the school bus, She comes and picks me up from home to drop me to my school.... imaginary of course...I m supposed to say "Faster Mr.Ray.. faster... It is so much fun" and she also picks me from school to drop me back home. After dropping me home she becomes Nemo's father! She is my father.. she can spank me if she finds me silly.
Its fun to be a part of a make believe world... She calls my hubby "Shark" and yet another character in the movie... My mom-in-law is Dori.. also a character from the movie. And then my brother in law is "Cookie Monster" i think this character is from the movie Shrek! but she would not mind!
We are all supposed to play our parts well..we all play along. We have long stopped addressing ourselves by our actual names.. we all address by the name she has given us. Its fun. Its fun to be kids again, and its fun to be a part of a make believe world. This is probably the only way to go back to our childhood i guess.. And i did give anything to get back the liberty of childhood !

If only never land were true, if only peter pan were true.. As a kid i believed in the magic of peter pan, and of course Tinker bell... of course when i was young there was this movie called "The Hook" i realised that robin williams was peter pan and julia roberts was Tinker bell..they had nothing to do with being peter pan and tinker bell.. except that they would have made a lot of money...Who ever created Peter Pan, must have been a philosopher.. because i never realised the importance of Peter Pan till i was too old to go to never never land...I had written a poem on Peter pan too.. It was published in one of the university magazines .....I don't know if i have a copy of it any more..Like Elliot said, a true poet is one who continues to write after the age of 25... Now i know i m not... ceased to be one a long time ago.. i don't find enough works to write a poem.. even my thoughts run dry if i think of it..i think peter pan was the last poem to come out of my last steed.. which ran away never to come back. now my stable is empty...
The only joy is that so long my niece is Happy with me being Nemo, i can go keep going back to my childhood!

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