Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hindi Serials!!

Got to know that Hindi marathon serial Kyu Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi is still on air! Was it not from the jurassic era and the dinosaurs are long gone but Mihirasurus and Tulasiasurus are still there so is Baasaurus! I remeber the initial few episodes. It almost started with Kaun Banega Crorepati probably in 1999-2000. The year i entered college and i had plenty of time to spare, the freedom after board exams!
I wonder how the story writers are stilling keeping the yarn growing and wonder what the TRP these days. It the TRP is still high i cant but pity those who have been watching this serial, it must be just a habit by now rather than for the sake of story or entertainment. Just like having dinner, reading the news paper, answering the natures call!!!Wonder how many episodes are due! afterall we did like to see someother programme on the weekday prime time slot. I remember Mihir was killed in some sort of accident but was recalled because of public demand. And Aman Upadhya was good looking of course. I would have probably coninued watch the show but for Aman Upadhya's mysterious disapperence.... But i m now thankful that Aman was after all gone and i m spared of the torture of watching the show all these years, anyway i m not too patient. However i m surprised that my folks still watch it. One of my elderly aunts is so interested in the serial that she treats Mihir like her own son and Karan is course her darling grandson. Yesterday she was so disappointed that Tulasi is no longer the same face. In fact she is so excited about the serial that i am required to listen to her comments and her point of view everyday. She would have been definitely better at spinning yarn for many more years. It saves me a great deal of time though. I m just required to listen to her once every six months to get to know how the serial is progressing and i m spared of the torture of having to sit in front of the TV and stand all the silly advertisements.
So three cheers to Ekta Kapoor and of course My aunt and all her fellow views.

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