Friday, August 22, 2008

SIMI and India

In recent days, i have been following the aftermath of Surat bomb bast case. Though i am not the one to keep track of such investigations, the frequency and the scale of such occurrences and a successful investigation has kept my interest in the case.
Three things actually surprised me.

1) The efficiency of Gujarat police. What Delhi police, Andhra police, Maharastra police,Rajasthan police and Karnataka police could not do, Gujrat police did it in the matter of days. May be it all boils down to the political will, not how intelligent the police men are. After all, police men in other states are just as smart and work as hard.. Why is that only Gujarat police were successful in nabbing the culprits. It is no surprise that the terrorists had grown so audacious after the repeated failure of police to nab them, that they very well stayed back home in Gujarat!!!So it boils down to political will.

2) Contrasting to the political will in Gujarat is Lalu prasad yadav and Mulayam singh yadav. They went on to say that SIMI the organisation behind the blasts should not be banned! How strange that mainstream politicians are defending an organisation with terrorist history and under surveillance.It happens only in India. What extent politicians actually go in order to safe guard their vote banks.

3)It is the psyche of the terrorists themselves.How can a man who's very father was treated in the hospital just a few days back bomb the very same hospital. What was he thinking of the hospital while he looked after his sick father? Memorizing the floor plan of the hospital, contemplating which corner is better to hide a bomb, pattern of crowd movement in and out of the hospital?? How can any possible human being think of something like that? also those guys want to establish a khalipat no national boundaries, they want to convert all Hindus. How gullible their minds must be to be encapsulated in medieval times? How can they even come to think like that? What makes them think like that? What makes them so powerful? Gosh.. cannot believe it at all.

With all the questions all i can think of is how dangerous such people could be.
And what rings in my mind is 'Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita ha'... Who ever protects the Dharma, the Dharma protects them and who ever tries to ruin the dharma, will be ruined. I wonder when such people who are always trying to ruin Dharma will be ruined.

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