Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Job hunt

Job hunt can be so frustrating. Job hunt in this era??##@@@ might sound so unfamiliar. But i remember old Kannada and hindi cinema. The hero carrying file and degree certificates and going about the streets from one interview to another and discovers that his shoes have worn out because of all the walking! One great visual hint.. the worn out shoe says so much about the grimness of the situation. Well today's job seeking generation has walked miles away from it. figuratively speaking of course. The walk ends at the computer. Everything is reduced to Google search is it not? even job hunt. Research is Google search, spouse hunt is again clicks away(may be not straight Google search, but i believe Google search will definitely help in that as well) and now job hunt if also Google hunt. Life is all about googling.. Well that is why Google Inc is making a lot of money i guess.

Job hunt on even the Internet could b frustrating. after posting resumes after resumes to companies after companies, and getting no response but an automated mail saying ' ur resume has reached our database. will be get to you if need be' and they never get back. Day after day, nights after night, the seasons roll by, trees start to bloom, and grass turns greener yet no calls. the summers wears away no call yet.. on top it you see the TV programmes, magazines, news papers screeching a possible recession. When you are most professionally qualified to say if a recession is imminent and you find no reason to believe what they say, all your years at the college seems waste. What does a job hunter do when the 'shoe-shine' boys talk of recession? Well sit and ponder over the situation. May be it is not gonna be that bad. May be there is gonna be a silver lining somewhere there in the distant part of the horizon..nothing except time can help.

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