Saturday, January 5, 2008

About me!

Its been such a long time that i last posted something on my blog. I don't know what triggered the inertia!But something did, pretty strongly! Well well well..As usual lot of water under the bridge..

My submission did look rather impossible till the last minute and then lo behold i managed to submit. However i still had to reschedule my ticket by a day and lose money. What ever i was able to submit and catch the next available flight to NY. It was an experience ...however, i miss my campus. Today the validity of my ID card expired. I cease to be a student of JNU from today is a day of reckoning...strangely today i am thinking of my beloved campus and trying to measure up all that the campus gave me...From the protected confines of a loving family, i went into the unknown arms of JNU, I still remember the day my father left me in the campus with tears in his eyes not sure of how his beloved daughter will manage without him in such a far away place; and of course i remember his choking voice from a borrowed cell phone even as the train marched out of New Delhi railway station...I looks like yesterday. And then there were so many experiences that added layers and layers on what i was and of course what i am. I cherish my days at the University. I might sound romantic but then i understood what i gained from the university long long back.

I miss the long lonely walks, i miss the serenity, i miss the debates, i miss the politics and of course i miss the piece of the university we were used to carry with ourselves, on our sleeves...I miss being called a scholar, i miss being called a JNUite. But life goes on and i have thus far carried myself gracefully. Hoping to do a better job on it later as well.

On the day i landed after a long journey on the brand new Jet Airways flight ( watched 4 movies back to back and of course made full use of their food n drinks!!!) was pleasant. Much like Delhi, it was cool but not chilly. I saw my husband from a distance. There was something strange. It was as if i was meeting him for the first time. I never realised till that point that distance takes a toll on the relationship till then, not even when we were actually away from each other. He looked like a stranger. In fact he later told me that he felt the same. The day was good.. the next few days went in bringing the house under some sort of order. I got my reward as well... a trip to Walt Disney World, Orlando. It was nice. will require another will episode to document that particular trip. Then of course the new year.

The new year was great. It was a bash. Lots of food, loads of drinks and of course many guests over at my place. I play the near perfect hostess..The dust has since settled.
I am just polishing my skills at the kitchen a bit these days. Documenting recipes, writing down those that are in soft copies, thinking of vegetables that i have ignored for a while (like Pumpkin or butternut squash / kaddu or tori/ zucchini) and searching for ways to cook such vegetables the way we might like them!!!! that's a lot of work and of course it is keeping my hands full for now..

I have one more important work to do. Graduate completely from student into an adult with a real job and real income. Need to do a lot on that front ... and i hope to do a good job on the graduation part of it.

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