Saturday, October 27, 2007


Well i m a bundle of nerves right now... all i can look forward to is submission followed by job hunting. The word job-hunting is so scary!!!
So much of uncertainity and with so less information as to what will happen, the job of job we end up getting, it is so difficult to not think about it at all!

The transition from the student life to working life is so stressful. Initially it starts off as the uncertainity that bugs us.. typically it is the kind of job that we end, the pay package, if the pay package is better than the one our friends and peers get....and once the job is in hand, the next thought is the question of confidence...if we can do it, The job profile sounds so stressful, will i be able to manage my stress levels? how will i solve these problems? what will i do in case something goes wrong...
Then the actual tension, geting up every day to rush and go to office, work till the back is on the verge of breaking down...then get back and sleep like a log....When we have some spare time, we end up brooding on how good and carefree student life was and how we failed to maximise our golden days!!!so mane a things could have been done and i did so less!
One big thing that we need to keep in mind is that as we grow older it only gets more burdensome, it cant reduce for anything....not even if girls end up housewives or boys end up home engineers!
It is a strange road uphill.. and it is strange because there is no down hill at all! it is just one way and thats UP. as we climb, it gets tougher and tougher!

So lets enjoy the tough journey for there is no other option!! no other escape route!

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Anonymous said...

Nice article! I share your feelings. :-)