Thursday, October 4, 2007

Subramanian Swamy Ver 2.0

I had an opportunity to hear Mr. Subramanian Swamy speak on Ram Sethu last night at one of the characteristic post-dinner lectures organised by the student political organisations. Mr Swamy turned out to be much more handsome than i expected. Of course he is a scholar beyond doubt, its not easy for someone who fought against his own professors to get into a premier institution like Harvard, or to fight one's own case in various courts!! For the number of cases he fought in the courts, he must be visiting the court practically every other day.
His intellectual abilities apart, i was just curious to know why he had turned himself saffron... Of course i did not know that he had been writing in Organiser, much less his position on contentious issues like conversions and uniform civil code. All I remember was his tea party where the two madam- one madam S and the other Amma met to destabilise the then Vajapee government. The impression that had formed then was that Mr.Swamy was essentially anti-saffron and a part of dichotomy of the political scene...where either you are strongly saffron or else you are not, you cant be in between (if you are you will have to be like Muqtar Abbas Naqvi, Syed Shahnawaz Hussains, fighting to prove dual loyalties!!)... Therefore common wisdom prodded me to brand Mr.Swamy an anti-saffron.. But lo behold!! He is a passionate campaigner of saffron issues. He is fighting for the protection of Ram Sethu. Of course i m also for the protection of Ram Sethu not only because it a structure respected by millions of people but also because of the ecological impact of such a foolish project. How can our politicians be so insensitive to our natural wealth? The encroach upon forest lands, tank beds and now even the sea! There is a minimum degree of conscience that even the basest of beings have, looks like our politicians do not have even that. They are used to gobble money and will continue to do so. i will not be surprised when the state kitty is empty and our politicians are selling the last remaining asses ts ..our huge population! They will sell the Hindus first because they are the weakest in terms of resistance .. and the country will be left with only the so called minorities. One fine day they will realise that politicians are a creed who cannot be loyal to any one particular party, ideology...
Coming back to Mr. Swamy and the Ram Sethu. For all his academic brilliance, he has done his home work perfectly. He has all his papers right. As long as he is fighting the case, i can be sure that hundreds of Dugongs are saved from greedy men!

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