Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Autumn is here......

This evening i smelt autumn in the air! After a scorching summer, autumn is always welcome, even though it brings with it bald trees and lifeless lawns with it. This particular summer was not very harsh in Delhi. Last year was much worse. The bounteous monsoons too played their part i guess... if i can dare to compare, the monsoon this year was second after the year 2003... Early sunset is the first sign of approaching winters. Now i have started to go for my evening walk a bit early because the sun sets by 6.30 Pm and i don't like to go for a walk on dark road! I m scared of men as well as curs.
I also smelt the first parijathas of the season this evening. The fragrance was Delicious, no wonder Sathyabhama was enamoured of the Parijatha tree.. The delicacy of the flower, makes it so precious, so adorable and something that perfectly compliments femininity.
The timing is so perfect, that's its like someone with a master clock controlling every process with perfection.
The seasons are more organised than my own wardrobe! heheheheh I wish i could learn a little bit from these clueless clues!

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