Sunday, September 30, 2007

Amma Mane!!!

Well Amma Mane in Kannada is a very sweet sounding word. Literally it means one's mother's home, it has a wider connotation to represent the parent's home for a married daughter. A place the much married daughter cannot frequently go to, but is a luxury when she can afford to go. For women who stay close to their parents the word might not sound significant, but for those who stay far, it means so much. The chances of living with the parents is almost over once the daughter is married off. There are of course exceptions. but they stay exception. In these days of global carrier, one hardly gets to visit parents and live the childhood all over again. I realised the luxury of Amma Mane very late. Recently i managed to stay with my parents for two weeks. I had not done it for the past two years. The day i went with the plan of staying for two weeks, two weeks looked so distant.There were moments when i thought 'my god, this is no longer my home, how am i gonna stay here for so long?' the apprehension disappeared in two days. By the end of my stay i was all tears. I did not want to leave. If only i could stay for a little long.
It is curious that once we get used to our indenpendent life, sharing space with parents appear daunting. for a second i forgot that my parents were my everything before i grew up to be an adult. So much their part, but still so apart!
I lived every moment of my stay with my parents. It was a slow crawling towards my bygone childhood. Sharing personal trivias with parents, my father recollecting how i used to cry each time i fell as a kid, my mother narrating the way i used to drink my big glass of milk right in one go. The idiosyncrasies associated with me as a kid as well as with my sister.It makes very nice fodder to chew on. ...Ans chewing the cud was never more beautiful than this. We grow up faster than we realise. Many a times, we find it difficult to share space with our siblings as well as parents. May be living with parents is not feasible after a particular point of time. But spending some time with them is definitely great. no doubts about it at all.

Parents are assoicated with comfort, like chicken soup for the soul, parents are harbingers of comfortable times, the warmth, the way they make us feel special is something very very precious. And i noticed that i was able to sleep till 7.30 AM at my parents place, which i cannot do anywhere else, more so not in my house establishment!Its all about comfort i guess...

Next comes the food. I guess everyone feels that their mothers are the best cooks in the world. I m no exception. just that i feel my mother is the second best after the grand mother. granny- my mother's mother was the best ever cook i have known. But now she is far too old and she has long rennounced her laddle! If only she could cook. I have noted down her recipies but i cant reproduce the taste. My mother is also a great cook. For my comfort food means the food that comes out of my mother's kitchen. This is one case where familiarity breeds affection not contempt. a familar taste is so very comforting and something i long to go back to. even as i write thinking of the aromas of my mother's kitchen make my mouth watery!
Everyones needs to take sometime off to live with parents, even if it means cumbursome adjustments, it is worth all the adjustments. Fortunately for me, i did not have to make any adjustment, i just had to slip into my own childhood. Once that was done, it was my own parents pampering their neo-nine year old kid!

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