Saturday, September 1, 2007

Musings on a winter morning

There are days when i wake up on a crisp winter morning to find the sun extremely bright and i can feel the happiness in the air, i can small spring flowers and then hear something thats calls me for a party...then there are days when i wake up the sun seem to be unnecessarily hot or too cold and sad.. nothing seems to be ok, nothing looks ok.. the fruit on the table looks sad and droopy, the breakfast looks sad... the tap in the bathroom seems to be running low.....on those days.. i miss my bus by half a minute, i end up searching for a silly book in the library the whole day, then i come to a late cold lunch only to find an unidentified vegetable in the subzee!!
Things could be that way or this... sometimes i feel i m the most beautiful person in the world.. then i feel i m the ugliest! On days i feel i m loved by everyone around me.. i feel the y need me and they are happy when i am around.. Then there are days when i see that there is no one for me, i remain unloved and uncared for. No one wants to be with me.. and its a pain i cant explain..

To remain unloved and uncared for is probably the worst thing to happen..and to feel that way is a pity. I only wish we all could feel better ..all the time.. even if we did not know what it was to be gloomy.. if we all felt loved for and cared for and if we all loved each others well enough, things would have been much much better..there would have been no bombs and no killers..It would have just been a beautiful world..

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