Monday, September 3, 2007

Why is my blog titled "laughter is the best medicine" record of humor is pretty bad.. at one point of time i had to tell my gang that the joke i was narrating was over and that they NEED to LAUGH!! They used to tell me that the joke i narrated was not funny..but some of them used to find me funny..they used find the fact that i was able to enjoy such jokes funny!!! well well.. they were all Reader's Digest jokes.. may be i was never good enough to narrate the jokes well enough. After all what matters in humor is the way things are put across.. I realised narrating and stand up comedy was never gonna be my forte..then i thought why not write. Thats how i started perhaps. But my humor is very sensitive to the summer heat ... you cant expect it to spring out !!! Its far too hot outside for my humor to come out. So its staying cozily in the coll confines of my grey matter! (if i happen to have some) So the tittle is gonna be here but not the laughter.. lets see if it is willing to come out in winter..

Nevertheless... i had a huge collection of RD in my library.. (i happen to have a small collection of books.. all good ones) I had some real one ones too.. I had went through it so many a times but still found it readable. Then i started running out of space. So my mother started to sell me the idea of selling a few old ones to the Kabadi! and poor me i gave in and sold most of my collection.. but i did manage to cut the 'laughter is the best medicine' 'life is like that' 'humor in uniform' and 'all in the day's work' and complied them into separate but cute collections! that was it .. i had stopped my subscription..well my father's i should say. i still live off him! Then it was all text books... all the way. some where down the lane i lost my affinity to RD. Last month i had a chance to pick up one of the latest issues. Hey RD has changed.. they have introduced a lot many sections including something called virtual reality, something with teens in it and many more.. i luved it.
RD has a magic about it. I grew up munching RD all the way. Now i realise i m old enough to say that RD has changed since i read it last hehehehe.. I still love it . And would not mind going through Drama in real life...Heros....and of course all the other regular columns.
I feel i have accomplished something in life the day some one leaves a comment on my blog saying the my blog reminds them of RD!!!


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Neha said...

I was really Wondering for the title of ur blog.
I didn't read much RD as a kid, so...
But yep, i would say laughter is THE Best medicine..